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The Absolute Motion Institute was created by James Carter to research and explore the underlying truths of physical reality based purely on the literal interpretation of experimental measurements. These experimental results are explained in terms of the principle of Circlon Synchronicity and the principle of the Absolute Motion of Mass. These principles underlie new theories of physics that provide startling alternative interpretations of Einstein's theories of special and general relativity as well as new ways of understanding the principles and paradoxes of quantum mechanics. New totally mechanical models for the photon, electron and proton are proposed that lead to a mechanical model for the nuclear structure of matter in which precise models of proton and neutron placement are given for each of the isotopes of all the elements. From these nuclear models an electron structure of the atom is developed and the photon spectrum of the hydrogen atom is explained in terms of the interaction between photons, electrons and protons and their respective kinetic energies. Finally a new theory for the evolution of the universe is developed that is similar in some aspects to the Big Bang theory but is able to eliminate many of that theory's inconsistencies as well as explain its several unresolved paradoxes.

A much more comprehensive explanation of these theories than is contained in this web site is presented in the book THE OTHER THEORY OF PHYSICS by James Carter. This book contains hundreds of detailed and colorful illustrations that explain the many aspects of these new theories and compare them with existing theories. There are many illustrations of thought experiments as well as real experiments that are used to validate these new theories as well as refute existing theory. The book contains many mathematical equations but these are secondary to the ideas and experiments being explained. The book is written and illustrated in such a way that it can be easily understood by anyone with a basic interest in science and a desire to understand how the world really works.

In addition to the many illustrations of nuclear structure in the book, the circlon model of nuclear physics is shown on the full color 27" x 39" wall chart PERIODIC TABLE OF THE CIRCLON ELEMENTS. This chart is in the form of the standard periodic table and shows the precise placement of the protons, neutrons and mesons for the most abundant isotope of each of the chemical elements. Also shown is a color coded graph of all of the 1944 known isotopes with nuclear models of both the heaviest and the lightest isotopes of many of the elements. This chart illustrates very dramatically the step by step process by which protons and neutrons can be added to the nucleus to form heavier and heavier elements all the way up the periodic table. The nearly identical external nuclear structure of the elements in vertical rows of the periodic table easily explains why these elements have very similar chemical properties.

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THE OTHER THEORY OF PHYSICS---postpaid in the United States---$25.00
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PERIODIC TABLE OF THE CIRCLON ELEMENTS---postpaid anywhere---$12.00

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